Kosovska Mitrovica

Bolnice i klinike u Kosovskoj Mitrovici – Hospital and clinics in Kosovska Mitrovica

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Tyler Tyler
Ndertesat te Tjegullorja

David David
What about this city anyways?


Mitrovica is a big city located in northern Kosovo, and is the administrative center of the Mitrovica District. This city, however, is split by the Ibar River with the majority of Serbians north of the city. During the middle ages, the city was named “Demetrius”, that was in honor of Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki.

Mark Mark
I am curious to know the history… Anyone know?


It was renamed “Mitrovica”, when the city became under Ottoman rule. It eventually become to be an industrial town, previously the economic center of Kosovo, as a result of the close-by Trepca Mines. The city grew and grew bigger in size as a center of industrial and trades with the accomplishment of the railway line to a town called “Skopje” in the years of 1873 to the year of 1878.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
O gradu

Kosovska Mitrovica je grad na severu Kosova i Metohije, koji se prostire u dolini reka Ibar, Sitnica i Ljušta. Grad ima bogatu istoriju koja seže do neolita. Mitrovica je teško bombardovana 1999. godine. Grad je postao industrijski centar u 19. veku, kada je rudnik Trepča počeo sa radom. Tako je postao jedan od najvećih, ali i najzagađenijih gradova na Kosovu. Danas je rad Trepče i drugih industrijskih postrojenja potpuno zamro. Grad je podeljen na severni srpski i albanski južni deo, u kome su ostali svi ključni administrativni objekti. Zbog toga se rad kulturnih institucija u severnom delu odvija u otežanim uslovima.

David David
There was something very interesting about this city…

Brittany Brittany
Maybe it’s the big bridge that divides the city in two.

David David
Anyone been there?


I’ve been here not too long ago actually. So, about the New steel truss Bridge in this gorgeous city, it crosses the Ibar river. This bridge has become an emblematic symbol of this division and is also used as a checkpoint for the army and military.

My best friends Joe, Carl, Adam and I were hanging out in Mitrovica because our friend, Mike, was getting married at the chapel a few blocks away from our hotel. A dark, chilly night right before the wedding, we were walking back to our hotel after a nice long dinner and a few drinks. Mike never takes alcohol too well, he can never hold it down. Surprisingly I noticed that he was taking it fairly well… But not for long…

He wasn’t feeling too well at all of a sudden, he kept feeling sicker and sicker every step he took. He kept having to lean over and vomit every 10 seconds… Nothing would come out. We then finally walked up to the big bridge we had to cross to get to the other side, (which means we are only one and a half blocks away from our destination…). Mike leaned over the bridge, stood there for about 30 seconds, and threw up everywhere. He didn’t even get most of it in the river, Joe and Carl were also covered in his vomit. Then passed out. Great.

I couldn’t get over how horrible of a night this turned out to be. Not for only the guys and I, but especially for Mike, he was getting married tomorrow afternoon. He slept in, and was two hours late for his own wedding. Oops.

It’s nice to know that she still considered marrying him after being late for his own wedding…

Jessica Jessica
Poor girl… I couldn’t imagine what was going on in her head at the time…

Hector Hector
What a guy.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
He seems pretty amazing.